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The Be Social Community Program is an innovative initiative that fosters collaboration with local vendors to make a positive impact on the community. Through this program, we establish partnerships with various vendors, offering their unique products within our stores. A percentage of the sales generated from these products is then earmarked for charitable donations.

Be.Social Community Program

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Every quarter, the Be Social Community Program allocates the accumulated proceeds to support local non-profit organizations. This thoughtful and strategic approach ensures a consistent and meaningful contribution to causes that matter most to our community. We take pride in our role as a facilitator of positive change, bringing together local businesses, customers, and non-profits in a collaborative effort to build a stronger, more vibrant community.

Be.Social Brand Partners

Featured Charities

Community Food Share is a food bank fighting hunger in Boulder and Broomfield Counties by providing access to fresh, nutritious food through their programs. They distribute over 27,000 meals each day through their network of 43 Partner Agencies and onsite and mobile pantries. That’s enough meals to feed everyone in a sold-out Red Rocks Amphitheater three meals a day. Since its inception in 1981, Community Food Share has distributed 206 million meals.

The Chanda Center for Health’s mission is to deliver, advocate & educate for integrative therapy and other complementary services to reduce health disparities and costs by improving health equity and outcomes for individuals with physical disabilities through the support of donors, grants, special events and community partners.


The Chanda Center for Health provides access to acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, physical therapy, behavioral health, care coordination, and dental care through various programs where services are available onsite at its Lakewood facility or remotely, serving people with Spinal Cord Injuries, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple, Sclerosis, Spina Bifida, and Brain Injuries.

The Dumb Friends League, founded in 1910, is a leading community-based animal welfare organization in the U.S. Located here in Colorado, they care for over 21,000 homeless pets a year at their three companion animal shelters in Denver, Castle Rock, and Alamosa. Additionally, each year, their Harmony Equine Center in Franktown provides more than 250 vulnerable horses with rehabilitation, positive training, and loving new homes. The League also offers accessible, donor-subsidized community veterinary services for over 23,000 animals annually at their Veterinary Hospital at CSU Spur and through pop-up vaccine clinics in underserved neighborhoods across the Denver metro area. To promote compassion for animals, people, and the natural world, humane educators at the League reach over 15,000 children and adults every year, providing a variety of interactive programs and learning opportunities.

Montbello Walks is a total community walking initiative! Join us for walks, lead walks, and invite people to move with our community. Everyone is welcome to walk, roll and stroll with Montbello Walks. We want as many people as possible in the Montbello community to be walking and connecting on a daily basis. Our initiative will host walking events that are inviting, fun, meaningful, and educational.  We will connect Montbello residents, youth, local businesses, elders, and more with one another and their surroundings. Our walks will range in length and span a variety of paces, abilities, and conditions. 

No family should go hungry. Since 1976, Bienvenidos Food Bank has provided Northwest Denver individuals and families with food assistance in a safe, welcoming place. Whether it’s at our storefront market or mobile pantry, or emergency food locations at schools and at other nonprofits, Bienvenidos is an essential source of fresh, healthy food for those in need. Each year, Bienvenidos serves 25,000 metro Denver residents and provides enough food to make more than 400,000 meals.

The Struggle of Love Foundation provides opportunities for underprivileged youth and/or families to access year-round services and programs. These programs offer alternatives to those that may not qualify for other community-based assistance programs. Since its conception, SOL has assisted thousands of families through community outreach events. With diverse offerings such as competitive sports and mentor teams, school supplies, food initiatives, toy drives, community picnics, and mental health awareness, Struggle of Love collaborates with other local nonprofits to reach and educate under-served communities in the Denver metro area. 

A criminal record has devastating lifelong consequences that can affect families for multiple generations. Expunge Colorado exists to provide education, training, consultation, and pro bono legal services for the record sealing of eligible criminal cases in Colorado. The organization is women/BIPOC-led and founded by three women who have organized annual record sealing events since 2018.


In addition to offering free, community record sealing events to support individuals through the complex legal process, Expunge Colorado recruits and trains legal professionals, works with partner organizations to provide wrap-around services, generates community education around record sealing, and participates in legislation and measures that automate record sealing and expand eligibility.


Since its inception, Expunge Colorado has reviewed over 400 records, sealed approximately 100 charges from public view, trained 60 lawyers/law students, partnered with 20+ partner organizations, and helped craft language for the recently passed Clean Slate Legislation.

In the spirit of second chances and redemption, we have partnered with Ananeo, an organization that helps former inmates reintegrate into their communities.

“Ananeo simply means: to renew, and that’s exactly what we want. Ananeo spaces seek to provide a fresh start in life in order to allow people to restore and redeem their story. By providing top of the line community apartments alongside providing a continuum of resources and care, Ananeo believes anyone can start over and build a life worth living. Every human being, regardless of their past deserves dignity and opportunity. Sometimes we must see it in our surroundings before we believe it in our hearts. Ananeo seeks to ensure the opportunity to start over is equal and restorative.”